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Liverpool Football Club, Life, Love And The Tales We Get To

AS my Nan might have said, thank Christ for that. It?s funny building up to these things these days. It?s strange being a part of other people?s stor...
06-06-2019 16:49

Liverpool’s Special Moment Shared By Scousers All Over

RECOVERED yet" Sobered up" Stopped being ridiculously dehydrated" Stopped hugging friends" Smiling to random people on the street" Looking at videos o...
06-06-2019 16:49

Daniel Sturridge To Leave Liverpool – A Reaction

THE emotions are still so raw. When the final whistle blew in the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev, I collapsed into my seat, attempting to hold back tears...
05-06-2019 08:49

A Weekend Which Brought People Together For The Love Of Live

WE?VE all got our own tale to tell about life ? and every moment means something different to each of us. Our own story is continually being written, ...
04-06-2019 19:49

The Crucial Contributions Of Liverpool’s Unlikely Lads

HISTORY is littered with background people. For every moonwalking Neil Armstrong there?s a Michael Collins hidden away in the lunar module. For every ...
04-06-2019 08:49

Watching Liverpool’s Crowning As The Champions Of Euro

WHAT a day. What a night. What a season. Liverpool are Champions of Europe, and stories will be told for years to come of the experiences. So here?s ...
04-06-2019 19:49

How Klopp’s ‘Mentality Giants’ Have Taken

IN the bowels of Anfield, as the fans sung their hearts out and the world tried to come to terms with what they’d just seen, Jürgen Klopp looked at ...
03-06-2019 16:50

Champions Of Europe 2 Tottenham 0: The Match Review

COME and adore them. They’re the kings of Europe. To adore, to love. To love is an action, it is active. It isn’t a passive thing. In the book Th...
02-06-2019 08:50

How Klopp And Co Brought The Fun Back To Liverpool Football

ARE you not having fun" How can you not be" This isn?t the current state of mind. I?m on a train from Madrid to Barcelona the morning after watching L...
02-06-2019 19:49

Champions Of Europe 2 Tottenham 0: The Match Ratings

MADRID Airport. Sunday, June 2. I mean, I was up at 6.45am, not a mark on me. No hangover, no nothing. Mine was an unusual Champions League final day...
02-06-2019 12:49

Liverpool v Tottenham: The Champions League Final Preview

?OVER and over and over and over, ?Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal…? That song by Hot Chip. Can?t get it out of my head. My head is cluttered...
31-05-2019 12:49

How Liverpool Have Shown Europe That Kiev Was No Flash In Th

ANOTHER year, another Champions League final. This time around, Europe hasn?t always been at the forefront of our minds, such was the intensity and lo...
31-05-2019 19:49

Why Liverpool v Tottenham May Come Down To A Battle Of Momen

WHAT is momentum" Well, I know what it means in definitive terms. ?The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and vel...
31-05-2019 16:50

The Similarities Between Liverpool’s Latest Vintage An

MAY is anniversary month. Last week saw the celebration of ?Istanbul Day? and Reds of a certain age took to social media to share clips of the Gerrard...
30-05-2019 16:51

How This Liverpool Team Have Transformed And Why Their Time

TRANSFORMATION: A marked change in form, nature, or appearance. It?s incredible to think I sat here around 12 months ago wondering how to write an ar...
30-05-2019 12:49

Tales Of The Road To Madrid And What May Lie Ahead For The R

IT’S day two on the bus. Or is it day three" It starts to get hard to tell, to be honest. There is time and there is the bus. Suns rise and suns fal...
30-05-2019 19:49

Why A Liverpool Win In Madrid Could Create The Reds’ N

THE time draws near. The scent of Madrid waves Reds fans in like a cartoon hand. The faint whispers of the familiar anthem get slowly louder, and the...
29-05-2019 08:50

The Sense Of Pride During A Big Week For Football In Liverpo

THERE?S every chance that in writing this I?ll sound like exactly what I am: a 42 year old man not averse to comparing past with present. But it is wh...
28-05-2019 16:49

The Good Times Are Back – But Liverpool Must Take The

THERE are some things you should never look back on. This is a mantra I have embedded as a coping mechanism when it comes to football. There are thin...
24-05-2019 16:50

What A Champions League Win Would Mean To Liverpool’s

IT?S easy to just think of ourselves, isn?t it" To think about how many years we?ve been doing this, how many times we?ve had these months or these t...
23-05-2019 16:49

How Alisson Becker Has Contributed To A Renewed Calmness At

LIVERPOOL knew they needed a new goalkeeper for a long time. Long before Simon Mignolet had been dropped to the bench, not for the first but certainl...
22-05-2019 16:49

Fabinho: The Perfect Symbol Of Liverpool’s Journey To

LIVERPOOL fans were forced to return to normal life morose after witnessing The Reds lose 3-1 to Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Kyiv la...
21-05-2019 16:49

Divock Origi: How Liverpool’s Belgian Bounced Back Fro

BY now we know what makes this Liverpool side special. It?s the spirit; the ability to bounce back, to dig deep ? to find a way when all looks lost. ...
20-05-2019 19:49

Reaction To Liverpool’s League Title Loss Shows Their

HISTORY will define Liverpool?s 2-0 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers as one of gallant accomplishment which just fell short of the stratospheric ...
17-05-2019 16:58

Why Liverpool Supporters Can Be Happy And Sad About This Sea

WHAT will you miss when it?s gone" If everything in your life was taken away from you tomorrow, what would you miss most" They?re questions I?ve been...
16-05-2019 16:51

How Sadio Mane Stole The Show At Liverpool This Season

I REMEMBER not being particularly excited when we signed Sadio Mane. I knew we needed pace, and Mane certainly seemed to have that. But was he the be...
15-05-2019 16:50

Why It’s Crucial That Liverpool ‘Stay Angry̵

IT seems only fitting that one of the first articles I read this morning was from The Guardian, talking about “the age of rage” and how the world ...
14-05-2019 19:50

Why Liverpool Will Bounce Back Despite Their Title Dreams Be

WELL, what a strange week that was. First of all, I do want to say a sincere congratulations to Manchester City. What an incredible effort to stay ah...
14-05-2019 16:50

Liverpool 2 Wolves 0: The Match Review

THERE were maybe four to go when we last talked, you and I. Maybe four more love songs. And now there is definitely just one. And how are we doing" P...
13-05-2019 08:49

How Liverpool Have Strived To Match Man City On And Off The

SINCE August 2008, Manchester City?s ownership have had designs on becoming the best in the world. Their guerrilla strategy involved getting the best ...
13-05-2019 19:49

Liverpool 2 Wolves 0: The Match Ratings

I MEAN, you can all fuck off if you think I?m in any mental state to rate these lads out of 10 after that. Ninety-seven points and haven?t won the le...
13-05-2019 08:49

No Final-Day Twist For Liverpool But Plenty Of Reasons To Be

?SEE you in Madrid.? That was the parting shot for so many as the traditional farewell to friends at the match took place as fans filtered away from ...
13-05-2019 19:49

How Liverpool’s Refusal To Lie Down Has Saved Their Se

FOOTBALL makes you feel a certain kind of way. From the depths of despair to rip-roaring ecstasy to genuine exasperation. It doesn?t half put you thro...
10-05-2019 08:50

Why Trent Alexander-Arnold Personifies Liverpool’s Pro

MAYBE there are lessons. Maybe we will be forever young. Maybe, the hope for the future lies in the eyes of our youth. Effervescence: in Anfield on T...
10-05-2019 19:49

Liverpool v Wolves: The Big Match Preview

I’M on the top of the world, Lookin’ down on creation, And the only explanation I can find, Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve ...
10-05-2019 16:49

Why Liverpool’s Trip To Madrid Is The Perfect Payoff F

THE day after the night before it is still hard to comprehend what we saw last night. That Liverpool came back from a three-goal deficit from the Nou...
09-05-2019 08:49

The Characteristics Displayed In Liverpool’s Comeback

I THOUGHT I had to write this yesterday. I lost track of the days and all concept of time. They told me I had another day, that I could let it all so...
09-05-2019 16:50

Liverpool 4 (4) Barcelona 0 (3): The Match Review

I?M gonna have to apologise. Firstly, I apologise that Neil Atkinson can?t bring you these words. That you don?t get to read the absolute poetry he c...
08-05-2019 08:50

Where Liverpool’s Win Over Barca Ranks Among Anfield&#

THERE was a moment at the end of the game where someone from BT Sport came onto the pitch, shoved a microphone under Sadio Mane?s nose and asked him a...
08-05-2019 19:49

Liverpool 4 (4) Barcelona 0 (3): The Match Ratings

I WAS at a low ebb there before kick off. Specifically in ours all day. This shit doesn?t seem fair. I needed something, someone to get me back on tr...
08-05-2019 08:50

Liverpool v Barcelona: The Champions League Preview

THERE was always a possibility. A possibility that Barcelona might dish out the kind of first leg beating to Liverpool that would render the second l...
07-05-2019 12:50

Forget The Doubters – Liverpool’s Story Is Far F

NO. Just no. I?m not letting these dickheads in. Not this time. You knew it was coming and it?s started already. Even when it?s not over yet. Videos o...
07-05-2019 12:50

Liverpool v Barcelona: How An Unlikely Hero Could Take Centr

LOSING 3-0 to Barcelona in the first leg of a Champions League semi final when arguably the better team… Lucky Scousers. Losing Mo Salah and Robert...
07-05-2019 16:49

Newcastle United 2 Liverpool 3: The Match Review

THIRTY-SEVEN down. One to go. Liverpool go and win at bottom half Newcastle. They show their class over the course of the 90 minutes and… …As if ...
05-05-2019 08:49

Newcastle United 2 Liverpool 3: The Match Ratings

BEEN listening to a lot of modern-day hymns today. My mental state in relation to this league title is basically this track by Kevin Morby. Oh my Lor...
05-05-2019 08:49

Why Liverpool’s Mental Strength Still Holds The Key To

THE hope doesn?t kill you. It is the sense of entitlement in every single football fan which makes you feel so vehemently wronged and ultimately make...
03-05-2019 16:50

Newcastle United v Liverpool: The Big Match Preview

A SEASON that has brought so much joy, a campaign of victory upon victory, of glorious football is now ebbing towards an ultimately sad conclusion. I...
03-05-2019 19:50

Barcelona 3 Liverpool 0: The Match Ratings

Alisson: 7 His footwork for the Coutinho shot first half is like Fred Astaire. Couldn?t do a thing about any of their goals which is a shame for all ...
02-05-2019 08:50

The Lessons Liverpool Can Take From Barcelona – On And

GREETINGS from Barcelona. Where the sun is shining, and the weather is sweet, yeah. Football aside, we’ve had a lovely time of tapas, sangria and ce...
02-05-2019 19:49

Barcelona 3 Liverpool 0: The Match Review

THE lonely painter. Well, it hurts. Let me tell you, it hurts. Be prepared to bleed. I told you. I warned you. To bleed is to love. The worst thing, ...
02-05-2019 08:50

Why Liverpool’s Taste Of Losing It All Should Spur Us

WHAT to say" Where to start" They?re always the dilemmas. When you?re tasked with writing something after a night like that they?re always the first ...
02-05-2019 16:51

Why Liverpool Must Plan For More Than Just Messi And Suarez

WEDNESDAY evening sees Barcelona take on Liverpool in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semi final. Inevitably, the thing that people are ...
30-04-2019 16:49

Barcelona v Liverpool: The Champions League Preview

WE?VE come a long way. Just typing out the header – Barcelona away – made we shiver, made me twitch. To be a team facing them in the semi final o...
30-04-2019 16:49

Why Liverpool Will Believe They Can Conquer The Nou Camp Aga

GOING away to follow your football club is always different and always special. However, some trips are more special than others. As Liverpool fans,...
29-04-2019 16:50

Liverpool 5 Huddersfield Town 0: The Match Ratings

Alisson: 8 I reckon I?m giving him a couple of points for not sitting down first half. Like, lashing his boots off, spreading a blanket out and maybe...
27-04-2019 08:50

Liverpool 5 Huddersfield Town 0: The Match Review

GULFS. Rivers. Oceans between these sides. But what matters is this: everyone gave the best of themselves, broadly speaking. Whatever happened in the...
27-04-2019 08:50

No More False Dawns: The Future Of Liverpool Football Club I

IT happened for the first time on Wednesday night. Not Manchester United being predictably devoid of the physical or mental sturdiness to compete at ...
26-04-2019 16:50

Why Hope Still Springs Eternal For Liverpool’s League

WHAT?S your perspective on hope" I think that?s where we are now. What it all comes down to. What do you choose" Do you believe it?s the hope that ki...
25-04-2019 16:49

Liverpool v Huddersfield Town: The Big Match Preview

IT will be strange at Anfield in Friday night. As we danced and bounced in the Cardiff sunshine last weekend, dreaming of and expecting a Man City sl...
25-04-2019 19:49

No Luck, No Cheating – Salah Is Simply Superb

Few things are certain in life. Only death, taxes, and people calling a Liverpool player a cheat if they are awarded a penalty. Mo Salah’s so-called...
23-04-2019 19:49

Cardiff City 0 Liverpool 2: The Match Ratings

OH. My. God. I mean, you can?t watch that fucking match and not think The Reds are not going to somehow win the league. We are fucking spawny, la. Ho...
22-04-2019 08:49

Cardiff City 0 Liverpool 2: The Match Review

EIGHTY eight points. I whisper things the city sings them back to you. I am my age. I can’t argue with the facts on that one. I am my age. These la...
22-04-2019 08:49

Guardiola Is Right – Joyous Reds Really Are Among The

One of the best teams Pep Guardiola has seen in his life. A team that has bettered the Rafa Benítez side that clocked up 86 points and featured 24-goa...
22-04-2019 16:50

Cardiff City v Liverpool: The Big Match Preview

There?s going to be a five-day stretch that spans from this Saturday morning until next Wednesday night in which the destiny of this season?s league t...
20-04-2019 12:50

Brilliant Barcelona A Huge But Beatable Test for Klopp’

Did you witness the sheer, unadulterated brilliance of that Barcelona performance on Tuesday night" Were you fortunate enough to see with your own eye...
19-04-2019 08:50

Maturing Reds Must Not Turn Soft as Suarez and Coutinho Retu

Oh, how far we?ve come. As this season evolves, I find myself often referencing how far we?ve come in these pieces of writing. Thinking back to Gerard...
19-04-2019 16:50

Controlled Porto Win Shows Reds’ Increasing Stature in

This game never gets old. Never ceases to amaze. While the world was trying to get its head around VAR and its impact on the City-Spurs game, I was po...
19-04-2019 12:50

FC Porto 1 Liverpool 4: The Match Review

LIVERPOOL beat Porto to get to the Champions League semi finals. They beat them 6-1 on aggregate. It is the fourth time in Liverpool’s history they...
18-04-2019 08:50

FC Porto 1 Liverpool 4: The Match Ratings

WENT to Portugal once. Room had no hot water. Jib it. Alisson: 8 Backs himself, like, doesn?t he" First minute, I?m him getting the ball to feet and ...
18-04-2019 08:50

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