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Jordan Henderson: Not Liverpool’s Luxury Man, But No L

IT?S funny how people see games so differently. As the teams left the pitch on Tuesday, the BT Sport commentator exclaimed ?advantage Bayern Munich!? ...
20-02-2019 16:51

Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0: The Match Review

HOW do you deal with pressure" How do you take the expectation and make something of it" Liverpool didn?t have all the answers tonight, but at what i...
20-02-2019 08:50

Fabinho: Liverpool’s Brazilian Beacon Of Calm Among Th

EVEN the sight of one of Liverpool’s most famous flags wasn’t quite enough to inspire Liverpool to victory last night. Joey might have eaten the ...
20-02-2019 16:51

Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0: The Match Ratings

Alisson: 7 Saved one in that Big Joel twatted it at his iron chest from a yard and it bounced out rather than in. Done a fair bit of fannying about w...
20-02-2019 08:50

Why Bayern Could Be The Start Of Liverpool’s End Of Se

ARE you ready for the next two weeks" Between now and March 3, Liverpool play Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Watford and Everton. It is unlikely t...
19-02-2019 12:51

How Xherdan Shaqiri’s Time At Bayern Munich Has Helped

FOUR years is a very long time in football. Four years ago, Jrgen Klopp was the manager of Borussia Dortmund. Four years ago, a 23-year-old Xherdan S...
19-02-2019 16:51

Liverpool v Bayern Munich: The Champions League Preview

IS this the least important really important game we?ve played all season" Bear with me. We?re all in for this league title. The Reds may not win it ...
18-02-2019 16:50

Why Liverpool Won’t Have To Choose Between The League

JRGEN Klopp has used a line a few times while at Liverpool about a match being one he would pay to watch if he was a punter. I like that line becaus...
18-02-2019 16:50

How Joel Matip Can Make Sure He’s On The Right Side Of

WHAT?S the first image that comes into your head when you think of May 25, 2005" Liverpool Football Club?s finest recent triumph, the hazy Ataturk ni...
15-02-2019 19:51

The Anfield Wrap Are Partnering With Statsbomb

WE are really excited to announce today we are partnering with Statsbomb to add to The Anfield Wrap’s coverage of The Reds. Statsbomb are one of the...
15-02-2019 19:51

Why Can’t We Judge Female And Male Pundits On The Same

THERE are times when the very existence of a debate is more embarrassing than the issue itself. A time when you seriously have to scratch your head an...
14-02-2019 19:51

How Reverting To ‘Heavy Metal’ Football Could Se

MANCHESTER City are the bookmakers? favourites to retain the Premier League title, and there isn?t a Liverpool player, coach or fan who seems to mind...
14-02-2019 16:51

How Steven Gerrard’s Influence Is Still Apparent At Li

WHEN Steven Gerrard was appointed Liverpool under-18s manager ahead of the 2017-18 season, all eyes were feasted on The Academy. It was a move that br...
13-02-2019 16:51

How Naby Keita Has Set Himself Up To Kickstart His Liverpool

SMILES were back on Liverpool faces at Anfield on Saturday as three points were secured against Bournemouth. It was a performance befitting of one of...
12-02-2019 16:51

Anfield’s Show Of Support Sets Standard For Season Fin

SATURDAY was great. A win always helps, great goals always help, but it was much more than that. From the widely shared call to arms from The Spion K...
11-02-2019 19:51

Liverpool 3 Bournemouth 0: The Match Ratings

GO ‘ed, the boys. That was perfect, that. Alisson: 7 Made saves when he needed to. First minute fella was good. His starting position is perfect, a...
09-02-2019 19:51

Liverpool 3 Bournemouth 0: The Match Review

NORMAL service resumed" In a sense, yes. Liverpool cruise to victory against reasonable mid-table opposition, keeping a clean sheet, the question mor...
09-02-2019 19:51

Liverpool’s Slow Start To 2019 And Nathaniel ClyneR

LIVERPOOL defender Nathaniel Clyne has had a very good week. The defenders emergence as an indispensable missing link following draws against Leicest...
08-02-2019 16:51

Why Milner, Robertson And Co Are Making All The Right Noises

SOCIAL Media is hard work nowadays, isn’t it" Everyone so keen to tell you what they think about everything and with so much certainty. Twitter is ...
07-02-2019 08:52

The Liverpool Love Affair: Frustration Is Fine, But Hope Spr

YOU don?t know you?ve been in love until someone breaks your heart. You don?t know just how much you support your team until they really piss you off...
07-02-2019 16:51

Why Squads Can’t Be Limitless And Liverpool Are Findin

THERE?S a strong sense that we?ve been here before with Liverpool, at the moment. In my football-conscious life at least, The Reds have mounted two se...
06-02-2019 19:51

West Ham United 1 Liverpool 1: The Match Review

THINGS that are blows: – The lack of chances created. – The equaliser. – The last minute missed opportunity. Things that aren’t blows: – Th...
05-02-2019 08:52

Liverpool Have Hit A Bump In The Road – But It Shouldn

SO, I?ve had a shit week. How about you" Monday night saw Liverpool potentially hand the momentum in the Premier League title race back to Manchester...
05-02-2019 16:58

West Ham United 1 Liverpool 1: The Match Ratings

Alisson: 6 Made a good save first 15 when our midfield was getting legged for a bit. Is he shite for the goal" I think he might be shite for the goal...
05-02-2019 08:52

Liverpool Remain On Course For A Record-Breaking Season R

?ASELF-fulfilling prophecyis a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true.? Cojonesis a Spanish word, and a loan word in E...
05-02-2019 19:58

Pressure’s Not A New Sensation For Jrgen Klopp’

WHEREVER you turned for discussion of the Premier League title race this weekend, the P-word was never far away. Newspaper reports, websites, social ...
04-02-2019 12:51

The Friday Show: City Slackers"

The Friday Show has David Mooney on Manchester City, Chris Waugh on Newcastle United and Jack Collins on Fulham to go with Dan Morgan and Ste Evans in...
01-02-2019 08:51

Liverpool’s Title Tilt, ‘Bottle’ And The H

BOTTLE. They love goading you with bottle. There are many things you learn when you find yourself setting the pace. The empathy you feel for those wh...
01-02-2019 16:51

Liverpool 1 Leicester City 1: The Match Ratings

ANY matchday where we increase our lead is sound by me. That said, someone hold this bevy while I twat me self over the head with this shovel. Alisso...
31-01-2019 08:50

Liverpool 1 Leicester City 1: The Match Review

LIVERPOOLv Manchester City — the prevailing battle. Liverpool v Leicester City — the evening’s affair. Mathematics v Feelings — the inner st...
31-01-2019 08:50

Why Liverpool’s Draw With Leicester Wasn’t This

DISAPPOINTMENT, frustration, but let?s not pretend we are too surprised. Liverpool have produced that kind of passable performance on a number of occ...
31-01-2019 16:51

Liverpool Are The Talk Of The Town – But It Wasn’

MYworst memory as a Liverpool fan isn’t a final we’ve lost, although the FA Cup in 1996 was a particularly dark day. It isn’t a player leaving...
30-01-2019 16:51

Why Match Scheduling Makes Little Difference To Liverpool

I HAVE often questioned the ?is the glass half full or half empty"? proverb. Mostly because I don?t think I?ve ever heard anyone say ?half empty? in ...
29-01-2019 16:52

Liverpool Supporters Aren’t The Only Ones Believing It

AMONG the favourite go-tos for the football “banter” tribe is the idea of a club?s fanbase ? often running into many millions worldwide ? being ?...
28-01-2019 19:51

Liverpool Tying Down Their Stars Shows They’ve Learnt

?Ifullyintended to sign a new contract after the Champions League final, but the events of the past five to six weeks have changed all that.? – S...
25-01-2019 16:51

Blurred Lines: The Mohamed Salah ‘Diving’ Debate

I LIKE footballers but they don?t half tell fibs. They obey the laws of the game like I stick to the speed limit — when they think someone is watch...
24-01-2019 16:51

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s Comeback And What It Could M

QUIET, isn’t it" Liverpool have gone to Dubai and we are hearing very little out of the camp. The players are off social media, it seems — as if ...
23-01-2019 19:52

How Liverpool Can Keep Their Young Stars From Relocating Abr

IT is fair to say that things are currently going well at Liverpool Football Club. Jrgen Klopp, his players and the fans are all on board the SS “...
22-01-2019 19:51

Rio’s Wrong (Again) – Liverpool’s Defensiv

RIO Ferdinand is a strange one, isn?t he" After repeatedly having his arse handed to him on a plate for ill-advised, and frankly wrong-headed, commen...
21-01-2019 19:51

Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3: The Match Review

YOU know you are alive. My lord, you know you are alive. Isn’t that the point" It is, but you felt that maybe a bit too much. It shouldn’t have b...
20-01-2019 08:51

Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3: The Match Ratings

FOR reasons I can?t go into, I ended up watching it on a stream, in a non-Liverpool boozer, with Jeff and the boys about two minutes ahead of us. Eve...
19-01-2019 19:51

Man City Have Title-Winning Experience – But Liverpool

I?VE been thinking a lot about outrage lately. I get the feeling outrage has been applied to almost all aspects of daily life in recent years, and a...
18-01-2019 16:52

Liverpool v Crystal Palace: The Big Match Preview

IT?S nip and fucking tuck time again. We win. They win. But we have the edge. It?s now very clear. Manchester City are very good but Liverpool may ju...
18-01-2019 08:54

The Weekender: Andy Robertson Gives Reds An Early Boost

In another extended Weekender we chat about Andy Robertson’s contract renewal at the end but before then we get into Liverpool’s right back situat...
18-01-2019 08:54

Liverpool v Man City: The Role Television Could Play In The

LIVERPOOL and Manchester City will not play Premier League football at the same time again until the last day of this season. That?s a prediction rat...
17-01-2019 16:53

How Klopp’s Shankly-Inspired Recipe For Success Is Ser

MENTALITY is something that is often talked about in football but is a difficult thing to measure or pinpoint. There is no rating for each player on ...
16-01-2019 19:52

Trent’s Injury And The Loss Of Clyne: Do The Reds Have

IT?S January 2019. Nathaniel Clyne, signed for 12.5m from Southampton in July 2015, has already made two appearances for his new club Bournemouth —...
16-01-2019 16:51

How Fabinho’s Character Helped Him Kickstart His Liver

ALL week it had never been far away from the lips of pundits and the fingertips of football writers. The Reds, so the oft-repeated line went, were fac...
15-01-2019 19:52

Liverpool’s Record Against ‘The Rest’ Bode

ANOTHER weekend, another Liverpool victory. Maybe that line doesn?t scan given the 1-0 win at Brighton and Hove Albion followed back-to-back defeats ...
15-01-2019 16:51

Salah’s More Than A One-Season Wonder – But Is H

REMEMBER when he was a one-season wonder" When Sergio Ramos was supposed to have broken him beyond repair in the Champions League final" When a few wi...
14-01-2019 19:52

Virgil Van Dijk: The Leader Of Liverpool’s Record-Brea

THIS generation of Liverpool supporters hasn?t been short of world-class attacking talent to make a song and dance about. From the Torres bounce to Ju...
14-01-2019 16:52

Brighton & Hove Albion 0 Liverpool 1: The Match Ratings

MY pre-game action was a show there, today. Decorating, left it too tight to get ready to get out anywhere, my electric shaver ran out of juice mid u...
12-01-2019 19:52

Brighton & Hove Albion 0 Liverpool 1: The Match Review

PRESSURE. Did you feel it" I know I did. I was a quiet mess before the game and first half. I was a state, quietly bubbling, quietly seeing the worst...
12-01-2019 19:52

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool: The Big Match Previ

LIVERPOOL’s 5-1 win at Brighton last winter was one of my favourite games of the Jrgen Klopp era. The Reds were unbelievable that day. It rained g...
11-01-2019 16:51

Rhythm v Rest: The Balance That Could See Liverpool Over The

I READ an article yesterday which cited this week, the first full working week after the Christmas period, is the one we often find the most physical...
11-01-2019 19:52

Is It Last Orders For Divock Origi And Daniel Sturridge At L

DANIEL Sturridge and Divock Origi have scored the two most important goals of Liverpool?s Premier League season so far. However, they may prove to be...
10-01-2019 16:51

Ki-Jana Hoever?s Rise Shows Liverpool Are Getting It Right A

MICHAEL Edwards is a name on a lot of Liverpool supporters? lips. You?d find it hard to argue that praise for him and his crack team of transfer gurus...
10-01-2019 19:52

Klopp Has Made Good On His Promise – Setbacks No Longe

ON his first day as Liverpool manager, Jrgen Klopp made a promise; a declaration of hope. The task would require him to regroup a squad who had lost ...
09-01-2019 16:51

How Cool Heads On And Off The Pitch Will Help Liverpool Prev

FOOTBALL clubs have a complicated relationship with their supporters. They basically profit from the levels of intensity. Someone being a Liverpool ...
09-01-2019 16:51

Wolves 2 Liverpool 1: The Match Review

WE’LL get to the young lad. Liverpool picked a team who looked like they had never played together before. Wolverhampton Wanderers picked a team wh...
08-01-2019 08:51

Why Liverpool Have No Need To Panic Despite Slow Start To 20

IT was a brilliant 2018 for Liverpool. The first half saw them reach the Champions League final in thrilling fashion, while the second half was made ...
08-01-2019 19:52

Wolves 2 Liverpool 1: The Match Ratings

JESUS Christ. That first half was pretty bad, weren?t it" Second half weren?t much cop either, mind you. Aye Aye Big Si: 5 I mean, I don?t know. Spen...
08-01-2019 08:51

Dissecting The Modern-Day Decline Of The ?Magic? Of The FA C

WE?RE here again… That magical time of the year when big teams travel to far-flung muddied fields and fight for the next round and their dignity. Th...
07-01-2019 16:51

Wolves v Liverpool: The FA Cup Preview

I?D like to have ice in my veins. I’d like to be able to say we should just treat this year’s FA cup with total disdain. Many years ago though, t...
07-01-2019 08:53

Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1: Match Ratings

Pre Match THE problem with a free hit is you have got to land the fucker well. I mean, when you think about it, who in their right mind is offering u...
04-01-2019 08:51

Reaction To Liverpool’s First League Loss Shows How Fa

SO, we?re still top. And it seems they still don?t like it. In the buildup to yesterday?s media-driven hyperbole of a ?title-deciding? game at the Et...
04-01-2019 16:51

Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1: The Match Review

GETTING beat hurts. It is rubbish. Hold that close, Reds. Remember that pain. Four clear. Seventeen games to go. Arsenal and City completed. You’d ...
04-01-2019 08:51

Liverpool Have Nothing To Be Ashamed Of After Manchester Cit

IT is not like it?s the first game Liverpool have lost this season. The defeat in Paris was more damaging at the time and they survived it. This resul...
04-01-2019 12:51

Does Derby Loan Star Harry Wilson Still Have A Future At Liv

NEW Year, same old. It only went and happened again, didn?t it" Liverpool finished 2018 by embarrassing Arsenal, again. Bobby Firmino tormented the Gu...
03-01-2019 16:52

Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1: The Match Review

IT’S the 93rd minute at Anfield and the madness has taken hold. The only disappointment is that Liverpool beat Arsenal 5-1, instead of puttingsix ...
30-12-2018 08:51

Liverpool’s Ability To Switch Styles Shows They Are Pr

THE tipping point came at Molineux. Or the Molineux car park to be more precise. It was there that Gary Neville conceded that The Anfield Wrap had a p...
30-12-2018 12:52

Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1: The Match Ratings

I MEAN, what are we meant to do in between games" Live our normal fucking lives" Are you for real" The greatest Liverpool side seen in our lifetimes,...
30-12-2018 08:51

Liverpool v Arsenal: The Big Match Preview

HERE we are again. Face to face with the future we crave. All we?ve ever wanted. What we?ve ached for. It?s carved in angry biro into every fibre of ...
28-12-2018 16:51

Liverpool 4 Newcastle United 0: The Match Ratings

BEN JOHNSONis on Boxing Day family duties today, so we’re bringing you alternative Anfield Wrap Christmas ratings. The best minds at TAW have put t...
27-12-2018 08:52

Liverpool 4 Newcastle United 0: The Match Review

THETitle Truism… “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” It is amarathon and a sprint. It is an 800m race, two laps of the track where you run as f...
27-12-2018 08:52

Liverpool v Newcastle: The Big Match Preview

I HOPE you?re reading my preview a bit pissed and soaked with Christmas cheer. That way you?ll be kinder with me and my flow. I?m not sure exactly wh...
24-12-2018 16:51

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